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Who is Josh King?

I am a woodworker by trade and a guitar hobbiest. I’ve always been very critical on the playability of instruments and how a guitar feels in your hands. I believe if a guitar feels good, that feeling transfers and you will play well and if the guitar sounds good, you will play even better. Everyone has their own preference when it comes to feel and tone. My goal is to build the best possible guitar, tailored to fit you. Every guitar is hand carved using the best tonewood and your choice of hardware. My guitars are beautiful for recording and strong enough to take on the road. There are many impressive boutique guitar companies out there, but if you’re looking for a durable high quality instrument built to fit you, look no further.

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Jerry France of Damage reviews ‘The American’

The first time I played a J.King, Mr. Josh King himself walked up to me, hand

ed me a prototype (unbeknownst to me), and asked me to play it.

I thought it felt, played, and sounded great!

Jerry France of Damage and OC Vertigo
Jerry France of Damage and OC Vertigo

I remember asking what store he bought it from? When he told me that he made it I was blown away! It had such a badass tone with huge balls! When I rolled the volume down the tone stayed perfect with no change except for the volume, which is something that I love and is important to me, when switching to the neck pickup, again the tone was amazingly at its finest. Since then josh asked 

me if he could build me one. I immediately said, “HELL YEAH”. I never take a guitar that I have no interest in. I’m a Gibson guy. But to get my hands on one of these badass guitars, I couldn’t pass it up. We got together for a moment and he asked my specs, what I like , and what I expect in a guitar? There wasn’t much to change from what he already produced. After all it is 100% AMERICAN MADE! What I love and believe in is our American country so I called him and asked him if he could paint mine American flag.

The American Hand Made Electric Guitar
The American Hand Made Electric Guitar

We installed some custom red and white Seymour Duncan pickups to match the beautiful American flag paint job he created. I was so excited, I have to honestly tell you I couldn’t wait to get it! When I finally received my custom American flag red, white and blue guitar I was absolutely by far not disappointed on the looks, the feel of the neck, the action of the strings, and how light weight it is. When I plugged it in WOW!!!!! Huge Balls! There is an extreme array of positive aspects about Josh Kings Guitars. Balls is only one of them. When you need a clear clean tone for dynamics you have that at your finger tips as well. I encourage everyone to get your hands on a J.King, I guarantee you WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED! I love mine and I’m absolutely positive you will love yours too. Thank you Josh for making American made precision Guitars!

Jerry France Reviews Josh King Guitars
Jerry France Reviews Josh King Guitars

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Billy Roan Knows Guitars!

Billy Roan playing Roan-1 made by Josh King Guitars
Billy Roan playing Roan-1 made by Josh King Guitars

Look at Billy Roan’s new Sound Vessel JKing Guitar affectionately called “Roan-1”. Read Billy’s review at the bottom of this post, and see this new custom made JKing Guitar in his pictures.

Butch McMahan at Central Coast Music in Morro Bay

I built this neck for Guitar Tech – Butch McMahan at Central Coast Music in Morro Bay California.

It’s a Jimi Hendrix reverse headstock with a rosewood fretboard attached to a Fender Strat body.

The Genesis White Electric Guitar By Josh King

This guitar is my favorite.

I modified it several times before I got it just how I wanted it. It is great for drop tuning. Its super stable, stays in tune and the invader pickups give it the edge .

The Maple on Maple gives me the bright tone and the extra nitro finish brings out the warmth.

Wanted to share my latest love, ‘The Redeemer’ – it is a carefully hand crafted guitar that has a The Redeemer is finally finished wonderful and unique hand painted theme. The Redeemer is designed with an image of Jesus Christ, psalms 95:1 and ΙΧΘΥΣ.As with all of my hand made guitars, I make them and paint them by hand with the end user in mind. Think of your perfect guitar, share your design thoughts with me, and I will build it for you.

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The Deus Vult Maple on Maple Electric Guitar by Josh King

This is the Deus Vult, AKA,: IF GOD WILLS IT.

I built it for my son Joshua Jr. as a Christmas present in 2016 just 1 year before he died. It is now in a memorial case at Central Coast Music where he used to work and write music for Temple of Abuse

This is the custom order built for Jerry France from the band Damage and currently in OC Vertigo out of Orange County California

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The sound vessel model Billy Roan
Drop C creation . Duncan hot rodded pickups. Maple on Maple , rosewood fret board.
Sathoff custom: Maple on maple , black inlay and fret markers
Strat style with SD Jazz hum bucker in the neck position, and SD JB model in bridge position Alder body, Maple neck, Rosewood Fretboard

A Tribute To Josh Jr.

A Tribute to Josh Jr

Jerry France Plays My ‘American’ Guitar

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Custom Painted Guitar Bodies

Some Custom Painted Guitar Bodies

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